Mens TraxNYC Watches Stainless Steel Round Cut Black Color AAA 4.50ct

カラット 4.50 ct  
クラリティ AAA  
カット Round  
ムーブメント: スイス日付表示: 0
防水: 100mダイヤル: Textured
バンド: Stainless Steelクロノグラフ: 3
その他: 2Bands
蛍光針箱 説明書
ダイヤル幅 45mm
素材 Black Stainless Steel  
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TraxNYC Watch 4.50 ct アイテム#:20035   
TraxNYC Watch TraxNYC オリジナル時計
フルサイズ画像 TraxNYC Watch
TraxNYC Watch TraxNYC オリジナル時計
TraxNYC Watch TraxNYC オリジナル時計
TraxNYC Watch TraxNYC オリジナル時計
TraxNYC Watch TraxNYC オリジナル時計
TraxNYC Watch TraxNYC オリジナル時計
TraxNYC Watch TraxNYC オリジナル時計
TraxNYC Watch TraxNYC オリジナル時計
TraxNYC Watch TraxNYC オリジナル時計
TraxNYC Watch TraxNYC オリジナル時計
TraxNYC Watch TraxNYC オリジナル時計
TraxNYC Watch TraxNYC オリジナル時計
TraxNYC Watch TraxNYC オリジナル時計
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Q: What kind of warranty is available for this particular watch? Despite if my warranty is up would you still try to attempt to fix this watch if a occurred a problem? I do not mind paying your company to fix it if need be, thats my question. Something like a nominal fee to get the watch fixed depending on the problem. Do you have a layaway plan available for this item? If so what would be the percentage of the amount needed to secure this item? 03/07/2012
A: The watch comes with a 1 year factory warranty. We will always be available to repair the product for the longevity of the item. We offer layaway on certain items - we require a 30% minimum deposit and 90 days to pay off any remaining balance. Currently the watch is on sale for a reduced price as our quantity is limited. We recommend that you make your purchase as soon as possible to ensure that you will receive this exact watch.
Q: Would I be able to bring this watch back to your office or showroom if it does not fit properly? 05/31/2011
A: Thank you for contacting TraxNYC. Most of our watches such as #20035 come with stainless steel metal bands. These bands as with most metal link watch bands - are adjustable. Links can be removed or added in order to fit the watch to your wrist. If you have any questions or need help placing an order please feel free to contact us directly, thank you!
Q: Whats the dimensions of this item? How big around is the face of the watch? 04/19/2011
A: Thank you for contacting TraxNYC. The watch features a 4.50ct diamond bezel on icy black stainless steel. This face of this watch is 46mm. The only dimensions we have available that is not listed is a 45mm case. If you have any further questions in regards to this item, please feel free to contact one of our representatives.
Q: What is your return policy like if getting my watch in and it turns out to be something I do not like? Do you guys offer a full refund or exchange for another item? Do you guys provide customized options for other items? 04/18/2011
A: Thank you for contacting TraxNYC. We do certainly provide Custom Jewelry options but you must call us directly for a consultation. If the item that you purchased does not meet your expectations, you may choose to return it. A return must be made within 14 days of receiving the item. Shipping costs for the item will not be refunded. A restocking fee shall be applied for returned goods. Please note that most other retailers charge 15%. In some cases, we can use your restocking fee as credit towards another purchase. For more information, please refer to the Site Policy & Agreement section at the bottom of the webpage. Please feel free to contact us anytime.